Thursday, 24 April 2014

Teen Girl's Open Letter Defining Feminism to a Top US Politician Should be an Inspiration to Teens all Over the World

12-year-old Madison Kimrey is a young activist with a big heart
Madison KImrey first made headlines in America as the 12-year-old who would “restore your faith in the future of politics” when she called out North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory for dismissing teens in a powerful speech last year. Now, the teen is back – and this time, she’s directing her ire at a 90-year-old lawyer and politician called Phyllis Schlafly.

What did dear old Schlafly do did I hear you ask? She dared to say that women who are paid the same (salary) as men won’t find husbands.

So this brave and gutsy 13 year old wrote an open letter in which she defined feminism to Schlafly.

See what Kimrey wrote after the cut:

What you’re doing is attempting to limit my choices, and I don’t appreciate that. Let’s get one thing straight here, when I’m thinking about what career I want to have, it’s a lot like shopping for a bra. I want to find something that fits me and appeals to me, and I’m not thinking about pleasing a man. Anyone who wants to be my partner in life is going to have to truly respect me, appreciate me for who I am and honour the choices I make.

Read the letter in its entirety here.

I’m just still so awestruck by her age. Over here, we are taught to respect elders so much so that even when we are being cheated by adults, we stay quiet out of respect. Me thinks that this is what makes us unable to challenge the leadership. We see ourselves as too young. But are we too young to speak up?

The adults Kimrey took on:

Lawyer and outspoken conservative leader, Phyllis Schlafly.
North Carolina Governor,Pat McCrory

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